Quinn Commands First Major Television Debate With Focus On Record; Wallops Opponents As All Talk No Action

Christine Quinn dismissed her opponents tonight as policy lightweights who focus on rhetoric and attacks in order to cover for their glaring lack of accomplishment. Consistently throughout the debate, Quinn made a compelling case that of all the candidates on the stage, she is the only person running for mayor that has a robust record of delivering for everyday New Yorkers. Her opponents, as they have throughout the campaign, launched political attacks as a substitute for talking about their records.


“Christine Quinn offered a clear record and compelling vision for New Yorkers tonight, her opponents offered the same old attack lines that have become ubiquitous for candidates who have no actual record of achievement,” said Quinn spokesman, Mike Morey. “The choice is stark: a mayor who can get things done for middle class New Yorkers or candidates who offer the same old tired and angry political attacks.”

In the course of the night Quinn highlighted her record of leading the fight to make kindergarten mandatory, expanding pre-k, saving the jobs of 4,100 teachers from layoff, and passing both a living wage and paid sick leave bills for New Yorkers.  Throughout the debate, her opponents focused on political attacks, failing to make a compelling case to New Yorkers that they can actually deliver real results for the middle class.

“From now through Election Day, we will continue to draw a contrast between a candidate of ideas and action and a bunch of politicians who engage in cheap talk and political attacks,” continued Morey. “At the end of the day, the choice will be simple: if you want a mayor who can get things done, vote for Christine Quinn. It you want a mayor who talks a lot, you have four other choices.”