IDEAS APP UPDATE: Chris Quinn Addresses the Needs of New York City’s Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Continuing to propose important proposals for the future of New York City and ways to improve the daily lives of New Yorkers, City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn today announced new proposals on her policy IDEAS app that address the need for safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists and the importance of encouraging the use of bicycles as a way of commuting throughout the five boroughs.

“Whether on four wheels, two wheels or none at all – we need to make sure New Yorkers can safely and easily get around the five boroughs,” said Speaker Quinn. “These proposals will make sure our streets, intersections and crosswalks are not a place where pedestrians and bicyclists lives are at risk and will make commuting by bicycle an easier option for any commuter who  chooses it.”

Speaker Quinn’s new proposals are directly targeted at improving safety and accessibility for New York City’s pedestrians and cyclists. Specifically:

Reduce pedestrian, cyclist and driver fatalities 50% by 2021

Speaker Quinn proposed creating an interagency Safe Streets Working Group tasked with reducing traffic fatalities 50% by 2021. The working group, which will include DOT, NYPD, DOHMH, City Planning and other relevant offices, will coordinate new efforts to deter dangerous driving, craft enforcement priorities and support safe street design. The task force will also be charged with:

Overseeing the implementation of speed cameras at high fatality locations;
Ensuring that existing NYPD resources such as officers and speed guns are effectively targeted to high fatality areas; and
Determining the locations where crosswalks, countdown clocks and other traffic calming devices should be installed.

Provide additional bicycle parking options at transit hubs for New Yorkers who want to commute part of the way to work on a bicycle

Many New Yorkers are interested in using bikes for a portion of their commute to work or school, but many commuter transit hubs don’t have adequate bicycle parking options, especially in the boroughs outside Manhattan. As a way to make transferring among trains, buses, ferries and bicycles easier, Speaker Quinn will work with local communities to increase bicycle parking options at train stations, bus stops and ferry landings. She will also take steps to speed up the process for businesses and building owners who request bike racks in front of their properties.

Speaker Quinn’s IDEAS app enables users to have direct access to numerous initiatives she has outlined in the areas of transit, public safety, housing, job creation, education and infrastructure, as well as submit ideas of their own. The app is available for download on both the iOS and Android platforms at the iTunes store and Google Play.

Download the IDEAS APP here