Tech for Quinn

Chris Quinn has presented a series of proposals for strengthening the New York tech and entrepreneurial community. She’ll secure broadband access in every neighborhood in the city and make NYC the most wired city in the world by 2018. She’ll ensure tech’s future in New York by expanding tech education for a true cradle to career system capable of training the workforce that the industry needs. She’ll also create an Office of Innovation, reporting directly to the Mayor’s office, to ensure that New York City agencies are using the most up to date technology and cross-agency data analytics for the most effective delivery of services to all New Yorkers - and sharing data openly so that entrepreneurs can work with it.  

In addition, Chris will support the development of tech clusters in neighborhoods outside of Manhattan such as Long Island City where we can build off of the proximity of the new Cornell/Technion campus and the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. And she’ll also make sure that New York City remains attractive for young entrepreneurs and tech employees to live in, with affordable housing, good education and safe, welcoming streets. 

A number of leading names in the industry threw their support behind Chris's bid for mayor. Will you join them?