In New Video, Emmy Nominated Television Star Tim Gunn Makes the Case for Christine Quinn for Mayor

Emmy nominated television star and stylist, Tim Gunn, released a two-minute testimonial video making the case for Christine Quinn’s historic candidacy for New York City Mayor. As a New Yorker, Gunn made the case that Quinn’s record on education, affordability, and LGBT issues puts her heads above the rest.

“The most exciting thing about this mayoral race, is Chris Quinn. I know that Chris doesn’t want to turn this City into a luxury brand. She is very concerned about the middle class,” Gunn says in the video. “And she is very concerned about education –education for all, a good education. Through her ability to mitigate and facility was able to save the jobs of 4,000 teachers.”

As part of the campaign’s LGBT volunteer requirement effort, Gunn has offered to have tea with whoever signs up the most volunteers between now and September 10th.