Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQResults: Jackie Rowe-Adams

The Quinn campaign released the latest in its series of ‘Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQResults,’ online video testimonials highlighting how Christine Quinn delivers real tangible results for New Yorkers. The video released today features Jackie Rowe-Adams, a prominent gun control advocate, who met Quinn while fighting to save Sydenham Clinic in Harlem from closure.

In the video, Rowe-Adams explains that Speaker Quinn was the one and only person who delivered results in the effort to save the clinic. She describes how, after making a series of calls to other elected officials and experiencing frustration with a lack of response and results, a friend urged her to call Quinn, then the City Council’s Health Committee Chair. Concerned about the gaping hole in medical care that would with the loss of Sydenham, Quinn successfully worked with Rowe-Adams to save the center from the chopping block.

“When Christine Quinn stood with us on 125th Street, at Sydenham Clinic, with us, that was great day because we knew help was here,” Rowe-Adams explains in the video. “We knew that we were going to be saved. We new we were still going to have a clinic to service our community and service our children. When you can get someone like Christine Quinn that cares about her community, you hold on to them, you hold on to them.”

As a result of a real estate boom in 2001, Sydenham’s rent skyrocketed and the community grew increasingly concerned about the threat of losing the clinic. The community advisory board approached various local elected officials, but it was once they contacted Speaker Quinn that results happened. Speaker Quinn helped secure funding that enabled the clinic to remain open at its 125th Street location until it was able to secure a new location in the community, at 118th Street.

When community leaders including Rowe-Adams appealed to nearly every official and agency in the state to keep the clinic open, they heard a chorus of ‘no’s’ from Governor Pataki on down. Many families in need stood to be affected by the closing of the Harlem health center. Quinn did not just stand with Rowe-Adams on 125th Street; she ensured the City Council diverted funds to keep the facility operational.

This video is the third installment of ‘Real People, Real Words, Real #CQResults.’ Just like Levia and Reynaldo Prieto, Rowe-Adams’s experience reflects Christine Quinn’s record of real results. Quinn has had a profound impact on the lives of everyday New Yorkers, which is clearly reflected in the series of testimonials that the Quinn campaign will demonstrate in the weeks to follow.