Quinn to call for countdown clocks outside of subway stations and spanish language announcements at transit stops as part of effort to make NYC commutes more efficient

Christine Quinn today will call for the MTA to install countdown clocks outside of subway station and implement Spanish-language announcements at transit stops. The proposals are part of a goal that Quinn has laid out to create more efficient commutes for New Yorkers and ensure commute times within the five boroughs are no more than 1 hour by 2023.

“Providing riders with information is not complicated; it’s the least the MTA can do,” said Quinn. “By taking common-sense steps and making simple changes to the way information is provided to subway riders, we take the frustration and anxiety out of daily commuting.”

Specifically, Quinn proposed:

Installing countdown clocks outside of subway stations, so New Yorkers can see when the next train is coming before they enter, and if there are any changes to service

Over the last few years the MTA has been installing countdown clocks along several subway lines so riders can see in real time when the next train is coming.  But at most of these stations, by the time riders can see the clock they’re already down the stairs and through the turnstile. Chris will work with the MTA to install additional clocks at the entrances to stations so that riders are notified about train arrival or if there are any changes in service, making it easier for New Yorkers to plan their trip.

Providing subway & bus announcements in Spanish and other native languages 

Just half of all New Yorkers speak only English at home, nearly 2 million residents speak Spanish and millions of New Yorkers speak other languages. Recognizing the significance of this diversity in the city’s population, Chris will work with the MTA to provide announcements in both English and Spanish on subways and buses system wide, and in other prominent languages in communities where it is most helpful. Additionally, Chris will work to ensure automated subway signs and station kiosks include information in multiple languages.