Chris announces plan to hold weekly program on spanish radio as mayor; new program will be first of its kind and will encourage a direct, straight forward dialogue with Spanish-speaking New Yorkers

Christine Quinn today announced as mayor she would hold a weekly program on Spanish radio, directly reaching New York City’s millions of Spanish-speaking Latinos in an unprecedented way. Quinn’s commitment will enable the mayor’s office to directly speak to Spanish-speaking New Yorkers, and allow listeners a direct line of communication with their mayor.

“When you’re the mayor, you want to make sure you’re reaching out to everybody and you’re utilizing every tool and every opportunity you can to connect with every community,” said Quinn. “A weekly program on Spanish radio will demonstrate the City’s commitment to keeping an open dialogue with New York Latinos, by directly hearing from listeners about the issues that impact their lives on a daily basis. The program will allow me as mayor to connect regularly with New York’s Spanish-speaking community.”

Quinn’s radio show will be conducted similarly to the mayor’s weekly radio program hosted by John Gambling on WOR710. After identifying a host and station, Quinn will develop a set weekly schedule for her program and would be conducted live in studio and translated in real-time.

According to the 2010 census, New York City is home to nearly 2 million Spanish-speaking residents. 24.6 percent of New Yorkers speak Spanish at home, and 11.7 percent of those have limited English proficiency.