Quinn Campaign Hits Spanish Airwaves With First Television Ad

The Quinn campaign announced today that its first Spanish-language television ad has hit the airwaves. The ad features Levia Prieto, mother of Manny Lanza, who died while waiting for insurance coverage to kick to have life saving surgery at a New York hospital. The ad describes how Chris Quinn reached out to her after the passing of her son and committed to making sure that no family ever faced a similar loss.

In one of her first acts as Speaker, Christine Quinn introduced the Patient Information Act, or "Manny's Law", requiring hospitals in New York to develop comprehensive financial aid programs for uninsured and underinsured patients and requires them to notify patients that they cannot be turned away for lack of coverage. Quinn’s work led to a state law requiring hospitals to post language-appropriate information about the availability of financial assistance to patients.

Manny Lanza suffered from arteriovenous malformation, a serious brain condition that causes bulging blood vessels and seizures. Because of a lack of insurance, he was reportedly refused treatment and ultimately passed away in his sleep at 24 years of age, before he was able to obtain Medicaid and have surgery.

Quinn's ad is airing on Spanish networks Telemundo and Univision. The ad can also be viewed online at: