In second major televised debate, Quinn showcases her consistent record of results, slams rivals for rank hypocrisy

Christine Quinn revealed her opponents rank hypocrisy tonight, ably showing how they talk out of both sides of their mouths to divert from their lack of a record in getting anything done for New Yorkers. Quinn made the compelling that she is the only person running for mayor that has a record of actually delivering results for everyday New Yorkers.

“When it comes to results, there is Chris Quinn and then there is everyone else,” said Quinn spokesman, Mike Morey. “She offered her clear and consistent record of actually delivering solutions to improve the lives of everyday New Yorkers. Lacking any records of their own, her opponents recycled old attack lines that only displayed their blatant hypocrisy.”

Throughout the debate, Quinn showcased her record of leading the fight for mandatory kindergarten, expanding pre-K, passing both a living wage and paid sick leave bills, and reforming the NYPD’s stop and frisk practices.

“Over the next three weeks, we will continue to see a contrast between a candidate of ideas and results, and the rest of the field who just talk out of both sides of their mouths,” continued Morey. “On Election Day, voters will have a clear choice: if you want a mayor who will deliver results, vote for Christine Quinn. It you want a mayor who
talks a lot, well, then you have four other choices.”