For Chris, a big part of being a progressive leader means reforming the way government and campaigns work: increasing transparency, changing the pay-to-play culture, reducing the power of lobbyists and special interests and increasing access of everyday New Yorkers to City Hall.  Chris knows that a good government is an open and honest government.

As Speaker, Chris:

  • Passed the strongest campaign finance law in the nation that severely limited contributions from people who do business with the City. 
  • Passed comprehensive Lobbying Reforms that prohibit gifts from lobbyists, increases public reporting and makes campaign contributions non-matchable.
  • Created Council Stat to consolidate constituent service data from 51 council districts into one central database.
  • Dramatically increased transparency and accountability in the Council’s discretionary budget by enhancing the vetting process and placing new restrictions on certain types of funding.
  • Passed legislation requiring the City to complete a cost benefit analysis before outsourcing contracts.
  • Passed legislation giving New York City the strongest open data policy in the nation.
  • Launched a campaign to improve operations at the Board of Elections, including a survey of more than 1,000 New Yorkers that uncovered widespread problems with ballot design.
  • Passed legislation increasing public access to City documents.
  • Required the Department of Education to provide more accurate and detailed information on school capacity and facilities and to report on student suspensions, arrests, and other disciplinary actions.  
  • Began live streaming of City Council Meetings

As Mayor, Chris plans to:

  • Hold a weekly program on Spanish radio, directly reaching New York City’s millions of Spanish-speaking Latinos in an unprecedented way. Chris’ commitment will enable the mayor’s office to directly speak to Spanish-speaking New Yorkers, and allow listeners a direct line of communication with their mayor.  After identifying a host and station, she will develop a set weekly schedule for her program and conduct it translated in real-time.  According to the 2010 census, New York City is home to nearly 2 million Spanish-speaking residents. 24.6 percent of New Yorkers speak Spanish at home, and 11.7 percent of those have limited English proficiency.
  • Make the Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs a model for veteran outreach and coordination. The Mayor’s Office of Veteran Affairs is little different today than it was 12 years ago before our country became involved in two wars. The most recent generation of veterans faces unique challenges reintegrating with their communities and MOVA should reflect their needs. Chris will transform MOVA into a model for veteran support by reforming it to target the immediate needs of the current generation and expanding its ability to provide services. Chris’ will increase funding and provide additional support and referral services targeting suicide prevention, mental health support and employment training. This will be accomplished through a three-pronged approach:
    • Chris will increase in-person outreach by hiring case workers trained to provide a combination of case management and concierge services connecting veterans to city, state and federal services they’ve earned and help them navigate the VA bureaucracy. By supervising and streamlining VA applications MOVA can drastically reduce wait times and impact the VA backlog.
    • Chris will implement a veteran protocol for 311 to immediately identify veterans and direct them to the appropriate support staff at MOVA and other relevant agencies.
    • Lastly, Chris will create an online home for veterans within that will act as the definitive one-stop shop for veteran information across issues like health, education, jobs, and home ownership.