HBO Documentary Showcases Chris as One of the Country's Most Prominent LGBT Leaders

In HBO's powerful new documentary, 'The OUT List', New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is featured as one of the country's leading LGBT voices. Along with a broad array of LGBT individuals including Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris and Suze Orman, Quinn's story illustrates the journey of the LGBT community in America.

In her interview, Quinn shares her personal journey and celebrates the success of marriage equality in New York State. Quinn's interview demonstrates her decades-long record of leadership as an LGBT New Yorker.

Quinn also notes the importance of continuing to pursue full equality, stating, "We have succeeded beyond anything we could have dreamt of. You're not allowed, really, to have that much success and to squander it. You have to harness it and use it."

The OUT List features a diverse cross-section of accomplished leaders from entertainment, business, sports and public service sharing intimate stories on childhood, understanding gender and sexuality, building careers while out and reflecting on the challenges still facing the LGBT community.

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