Quinn Releases “Nueva York 2014”: Comprehensive Spanish-Language Policy Book with Focus on Issues Important to City’s Latino Communities

Today, the Quinn campaign released “Nueva York 2014,” a comprehensive Spanish-language guide to Christine C. Quinn’s record of delivering results as well as her position on various issues and plans for the future of New York City. “Nueva York” also includes several new policy proposals Chris would implement as Mayor to further help the city’s Latino communities.

Click to view “Nueva York 2014” in both Spanish and English

“Nueva York 2014” outlines my vision to make New York City better for Latinos across all 5 boroughs,” stated Quinn. “Latinos have played a major role in making this City what it is today and as Mayor, I will create and sustain a government that ensures the success and growth of this vibrant community. Through improvements to education, healthcare, public safety, housing and more, I plan to be the Mayor who will ensure every Latino and every New Yorker in this City has an open door to success.”

Specifically, Quinn’s new proposals include

Providing Subway & Bus Announcements in Spanish:

Just half of all New Yorkers speak only English at home, and nearly 2 million residents speak Spanish. To this end, Chris will work with the MTA to provide announcements in both English and Spanish on subways and buses system wide, and in other prominent languages where most helpful. Additionally, Chris will work to ensure automated subway signs and station kiosks include information in multiple languages.

Creating a Scholarship Program for Bilingual Students who Provide Translation Services for the City:

Chris will work with philanthropic organizations and local colleges to create a scholarship fund for young bilingual New Yorkers. This program will include a work-study component in which students serve as part time interpreters and translators for city agencies, expanding the language accessibility of the services that the City provides.  Students will go through a certification process and focus on translating for agencies that track with their college majors and areas of terminology expertise.  This program will also help put students on track towards good paying union jobs in the translation industry, a field that shows tremendous potential for job growth in the next few years.

Reforming the DOE’s English Language Learner (ELL) System:

To address staggering statistics that reveal only half of English Language Learners (ELLs) graduate high school after 4 years and many drop out by ninth grade, Chris will dramatically reform the Department of Education’s current system to make ELL students graduate on time and ready for college and career. This will be accomplished through a series of initiatives that include increasing the number of bilingual preschool programs, requiring Parent Coordinators to ensure every parent of an ELL student is adequately informed about their child’s educational options, and fully enforcing the requirement that every school adheres to parent preferences on ELL education. Additionally, Chris will  increase the number of bilingual programs and provide additional support for ELL High School Students, who have the same graduation requirements as other students but who may have never received English language instruction until as late as 16 years old, by increasing support and instructional time.

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