March on Washington

This morning Kim and I joined civil rights activists and leaders in Washington D.C. for the anniversary of the March on Washington.


50 years ago, thousands of brave men and women gathered to march for jobs, for freedom, and for equality. Together they changed the course of history, but for so many in our city that dream has not been realized.

That's why today we gathered to continue to march towards equality and justice. The civil rights challenges we face today are the fight to end gun violence and the fight to make our streets safe in a just and equal way. Kim and I marched with the hope and determination that New Yorkers will come together, embrace our differences, and denounce violence so that we can one day live in a city without fear.

In 17 days New Yorkers will go to the polls to cast their vote. As Speaker, I've fought for New York's progressive values and equality and I've gotten results - but our fight is far from over. As your Mayor, I'll continue our march towards a just and equal New York for all.

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