Quinn Campaign Releases First Television Ad: ‘While Others Talk About Fighting For The Middle Class, I’ve Been Doing It’

The Quinn campaign launched its first television ad of the primary campaign with a significant network and cable television ad buy highlighting Christine Quinn’s unrivaled record of delivering results for middle class New Yorkers. The 30-second ad buy and her early fundraising advantage has allowed Quinn to take her campaign message to the airwaves ahead of her primary rivals, with less than eight weeks to go before Democrats head to the polls. The ad will run in regular rotation on network and cable television stations.


The ad, entitled ‘Middle Class,’ highlights one of the greatest advantages Quinn has over her opponents, a record of actual results for middle class families. The ad specifically focuses on her record expanding pre-kindergarten slots in New York City, saving 4,000 teachers’ jobs proposed to be cut, and balancing eight budgets that kept firehouses and libraries open in New York.

The ad highlights a central message of the campaign that while other candidates go to great lengths to talk about middle class New Yorkers, Christine Quinn is the only candidate in the race that has a real record of delivering for middle class and working families.

Quinn, who wrapped up fundraising for the primary two years ago, has a significant financial and organizational advantage over her opponents, which has allowed her to go on the air, in a sustained fashion, earlier than her opponents. The Quinn campaign has an overall cash advantage over every candidate in the race, has an unrivaled volunteer field operation which allows for greater spending on advertising, and has a lower expenditure rate than her opponents, several of whom spent more than they raised over the last reporting cycle.  The ad was jointly produced by SKDKnickerbocker and Mark Guma Communications.

“Early planning, early fundraising and a robust campaign infrastructure has given us a significant advantage in getting our message out early and regularly,” said Campaign Manager Matt Tepper. “And we are making that message abundantly clear: Chris Quinn is the only person in this race who New Yorkers can count on to deliver real results, because she is the only candidate in this race who has already done it.”