Quinn Calls for MTA to Prioritize Metro North Service Expansion in Bronx, Helping Reduce Commuters’ Travel Time and Spur Job Creation

Standing outside the Parkchester 6 train subway station in the Bronx with State Senator Gustavo Rivera and Council Member Annabel Palma, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn today called on the MTA to make the expansion of Metro North service in the East Bronx a priority, citing its great potential to attract new businesses, create jobs in the neighborhoods surrounding the new stops, and ability to reduce commute times for Bronx residents. 

Currently, only the 6 train line and express bus service are available in many East Bronx neighborhoods, despite the fact that Metro North lines runs throughout the borough. In many cases, it can take Bronx Residents nearly an hour to get from neighborhoods such as Parkchester to midtown Manhattan. The addition of Metro North stops in Co-Op City, Morris Park, Parkchester and Hunts Point will help many residents commuting both to and from Manhattan or other Bronx neighborhoods to reduce their commute times by upwards of 25 minutes, giving the more time each week to spend with their family or earning a paycheck. Quinn has set a goal as mayor to ensure all commute times throughout New York are no longer than one hour, by 2023.

Citing the substantial City and private investment in the Hudson Yards neighborhood after the MTA committed to extending the 7 train, Quinn noted that the MTA’s commitment to additional Metro North stops in the Bronx would similarly drive new businesses and residents to locate in these neighborhoods.

“By using our transit system as a tool for economic growth, we can create more jobs in the Bronx and neighborhoods throughout the city while reducing commutes for tens of thousands of New Yorkers. As many I intend to press the MTA to prioritize the development of these stops, not just to bring Bronx residents’ to their jobs in Manhattan, but bring more jobs to the Bronx. A commitment to additional Metro North stops in the East Bronx will rightly signal to both the City and private investors that the borough is a viable and attractive place to live and do business.”

”Four new Metro North stops in the East Bronx will open up the area to new investment, bring good jobs and improve the quality of life of Bronx residents who have long commutes to work.” said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. “Chris has a record of delivering results, not only for Bronx residents, but for those living in all five boroughs and I know she will continue to do so as our city’s next Mayor.”

“The more we invest in expanding transportation options in the Bronx, the greater the benefit for both the local economy and Bronx residents,” said Council Member Annabel Palma. “By bringing more jobs to Bronx neighborhoods and speeding up commute times to and from Manhattan, Chris’s plan will allow New Yorkers to spending more time with their families and earning a paycheck.”

Today’s press conference comes on the heels of other transportation proposals Quinn has made this week which include accelerating the implementation of a no-swipe MetroCard system, requiring subway and bus announcements to be made in Spanish and other languages and installing countdown clocks above ground at subway stops. Quinn kicked off the week by joining Staten Island resident Yanela Tamayo on her hour-plus long commute via express bus and subway to highlight her goal to have Mayoral control of the MTA and have no New Yorker have a commute of longer than one hour.