Chris Calls for MTA to Speedup Implementation of the No-Swipe MetroCard System

Standing outside of Grand Central Terminal, one of the world’s busiest transit hubs, Christine Quinn today announced that as Mayor, implementing the long awaited no-swipe MetroCards will be a priority. Quinn cited how New York City has fallen behind other municipalities in providing the quickest, easiest, most cost-efficient transit in the country and that the savings from a no-swipe system can go back to commuters and pay for upgrades such as additional Select Bus Service and help achieve her goal of no New Yorker spending more than an hour commuting in either direction by 2023. Chris was joined at today by U.S. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney who said she would seek federal funds to help make the no-swipe system a reality. 

Quinn also announced that as mayor she would fight for Mayoral control of the MTA. She would appoint members to the board to ensure a no-swipe system is a priority and push for a single integrated mechanism that allows commuters to seamlessly move between the various MTA systems such as the LIRR, Metro North and NYC transit. She cited how the city should be using its transportation system, as a tool for economic development but unfortunately, the MTA is not on the same page. With mayoral control, the City would better coordinate public transportation projects with work of other city agencies to ensure less inconvenience for New Yorkers and an improved economy. 

Quinn stated, “In order to harness the great potential of the MTA as an economic engine, we need to reprioritize projects in our transit system. Money saved through the implementation of a no-swipe MetroCard system can and should be used to help make commuting New Yorkers’ lives easier and more efficient, and as mayor I will ensure this is a priority.”

“I fully support Chris’s plan to prioritize the implementation of a no-swipe MetroCard system,” said Congresswoman Maloney. “In order to keep New York City competitive in the national and global market, we need to ensure that our transit system does not lag behind. To this end, I will work with my colleagues in Congress so that once Chris is elected mayor, adequate federal funding is provided to expedite the implementation of this sorely needed new system.”