Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQResults: Manny's Law

The Quinn campaign kicked off an online video campaign today with real people providing testimonials, in their own words, on how Christine Quinn was able to deliver results when no one else could. The testimonials, dubbed ‘Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQResults’ is a social media campaign that makes clear, in personal terms, that in the race for Mayor of New York, Christine Quinn is the only candidate with an actual record of results that have had a profound impact on the lives of every day New Yorkers.

The first video in the series of testimonials features Levia and Reynaldo Prieto, the parents of Manny Lanza, namesake of Manny’s Law. Lanza suffered from arteriovenous malformation, a serious brain condition that causes bulging blood vessels and seizures. While he worked 50 hours a week at a fast food restaurant, he did not have insurance and did not qualify for Medicaid. Despite being referred to a New York hospital, he was reportedly refused treatment because of a lack of insurance. Ultimately, Manny passed away in his sleep at 24 years old before he was able to have surgery.

Upon hearing the tragic news of Manny’s death, Christine Quinn reached out to Manny’s parents and took up the cause to ensure that never again would someone be denied care in New York City, because they did not have health insurance and did not know their right to care.  True to that commitment, the very first bill Christine Quinn introduced after having been elected Speaker of the City Council, was the Patient Information Act, ‘Manny’s Law’, requiring hospitals in New York to develop comprehensive financial aid programs for uninsured and underinsured patients. Quinn’s advocacy ultimately led to a state law requiring hospitals to post language-appropriate information about the availability of financial assistance to patients. After passage of the law Quinn and the City Council conducted vigorous oversight to ensure city-wide compliance.

In the video, Mrs. Prieto, in very personal terms describes how after the death of her son, Christine Quinn reached out to make sure such a tragedy never happens again:

“The phone rang and it was Christine Quinn, … she was the one who reached out and cared enough to say they are not going to get away with it, that Manny will become a law… She finished what she started. Every time I went into City Hall I felt like I was visiting a family member that cared because she always made sure that I knew she never forgot many. She refused to allow another family to go through suffering because of not having insurance. The compassion she has for the human beings and to do what’s right… that’s her… and because of Christine Quinn, Manny didn’t die in vain… so, I love her for that.”

Over the course of the next several weeks, the Quinn campaign will release a series of testimonial videos of real New Yorkers, in their own voices, explaining how Christine Quinn’s record of results have a real and profound impact on the lives of every day New Yorkers.