New York's Strongest Endorse Chris for Mayor

New York City’s nearly 14,000 retired and active sanitation workers announced their support for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Their union, Local 831, cited Speaker Quinn’s unparalleled work of fighting for the middle class, including New York City’s dedicated, hardworking sanitation workers and their families. The union recognized Speaker Quinn as the candidate who has gotten the best results and who will continue to deliver for New Yorkers as mayor.

Local 831 President Harry Nespoli stated, “Christine Quinn has been a friend to the men and women of the Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association from the very beginning. When people made false accusations against us during the 2010 snowstorm, Chris showed what true leadership is about. Rather than rush to judgment and try to pander and grandstand, she instead brought people together, listened to all sides, and fought for an increased headcount to prepare for future storms. That said a lot to our membership about what kind of person she is. On top of that, even during tough fiscal times the past several years, she made sure to prevent deep cuts to critical services because she knows how much our city relies on its municipal workforce. This election will be about working with all New Yorkers and getting results for the middle class – exactly what Christine Quinn excels at. If you want to know what someone can do, look at what they've done. In this race, there is no one who has as strong a record of delivering for middle class New Yorkers as Chris Quinn. We proudly endorse her for Mayor of New York.”

“Sanitation workers represent the best in our city,” said Quinn. “They work long, hard days to support their families. They collect our trash, keeping our city clean and livable. When winter storms roll around and we need someone to step up, it’s sanitation workers who clear the snow from the streets, keeping New York City open for business. Their job is demanding, but they never take the easy way out. That’s why they’re New York’s Strongest, and that’s why I’m honored to have their support. Together, we can make this city a place where the middle class can thrive, not just survive. “

Local 831 represents roughly 6,000 active and 7,400 retired New York City Department of Sanitation workers. The sanitation workers support for Quinn’s run comes on the heels of endorsements from a robust list of public officials, labor unions, and activists. Recently, 32BJ SEIU and the Teamsters’ Joint Council 16 announced they’re backing Quinn for Mayor.