Latinos Unidos Con Quinn

Today, the Quinn for Mayor campaign officially launched “Latinos Unidos con Quinn” with the release of a list of more than 500 names of Latino endorsers. The announcement comes on the heels of a week in which Chris received the endorsement of Former Puerto Rican Governor Sila Maria Calderon, and the release of “Nueva York 2014”, a comprehensive Spanish-language guide to Chris’s record of delivering results for the city’s Latino communities as well as her position on various issues and plans for the future of New York City. “Nueva York” also includes several new policy proposals Chris would implement as Mayor to further help the city’s Latino communities, including providing subway and bus announcements in Spanish, reforming the Department of Education’s English Language Learner system and creating a scholarship program for bilingual students who provide translation services for the City.

Upon the launch of “Latinos Unidos con Quinn”, Chris said, “I’m proud to receive such broad support from the Latino community. Latinos have played and - will continue to play - a major role in making this City the greatest city in the world. As Mayor, I will ensure we continue our move forward so that every Latino and every New Yorker in this city has an open door to success.”