Jewish Women Leaders for Quinn

Dear Friend:

We are supporting Christine Quinn for Mayor and we hope that you will join us in voting for Chris on September 10th in the Democratic Primary.

We believe that Chris Quinn is just what our city needs -- a proven leader with an inclusive, caring and pragmatic vision.  

Elected Speaker of the City Council in 2006, Chris helped lead us through the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression, passing eight balanced city budgets that resulted in saving thousands of teachers' jobs, kept our libraries open while other cities had to drastically cut back, and refused to close our firehouses so that public safety would not be compromised. She also expanded pre-K and made kindergarten mandatory, extended sick days to low-wage workers and helped small businesses so that families in our city could thrive again.

A determined advocate for women's reproductive rights, she helped enact legislation protecting clinics from harassment and providing reproductive health training for city hospitals. And, as an advocate for immigrants’ rights, Chris worked to prevent unfair deportations and to provide photo IDs so that immigrant parents can have access to their children’s schools.

Chris has a deep commitment to Tikkun Olam, social justice and human rights. She began her career in public service as a housing organizer, helping low-income tenants stay in their homes and protecting affordable housing. As the director of the Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, Chris worked closely with the NYPD against crimes motivated by bias and bigotry, and has consistently spoken out against hate crimes directed at members of any ethnic group. When mezuzahs were defaced in Brooklyn, Chris Quinn stood in solidarity with the Jewish community. Chris has been a consistent ally to Israel, and even experienced a missile strike when visiting Sderot, giving her a first-hand understanding of the dangers. Chris has addressed the issue of Jewish poverty and, in light of the recent UJA study showing epidemic numbers of the Jewish poor in New York, will make fighting poverty in all communities across the City an important focus of her mayoralty. 

Chris is running for Mayor because she knows that while there has been progress in the last 12 years, there is a lot more work to do to help the middle class and those struggling to join the middle class.  She wants to make all of the neighborhoods in our city safe, launch the most ambitious middle-class housing program in New York’s history, and create thousands of new manufacturing, tech, and green jobs. As Mayor, Chris will reform our schools so that parents have a voice and a role in their children’s education, ensuring that all of our children are prepared for the careers of the future.

Gloria Steinem sums it up nicely: “Chris knows what it’s like to live like a real New Yorker, because Chris has lived like a real New Yorker.” The daughter of a union shop steward and a social worker, Chris knows what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. 

We are supporting Chris because we believe that she is the only candidate that has both the vision and ability to move the city forward.  

If you’d like to learn more about Chris’ record and her vision for New York, you can visit her website at

If, like us, you are inspired and support Chris, we have a very simple request – please add your name to Women For Quinn at and share this information with your friends.

We also would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Healthy and Happy New Year.

With our best wishes,

 Liz Abzug Rachel Lavine 
 Rhonda Barad Ruth Messinger 
 Adena Berkowitz Jo-Ann Mort
 Shifra Bronznick Kathleen Peratis 
 Barbara Dobkin Letty Cottin Pogrebin 
 Ronnie Eldridge Paula Judi Rakoff
Deborah Glick  Jill Smith 
 Sally Gottesman Judy Sonett 
 Liz Holtzman Gloria Steinem 
 Roberta Kaplan Rachel B. Tiven
 Nancy Kaufman Mindy Utay 
 Sarah Kovner    

-List in Formation-

P.S. Like Chris on Facebook (Chris Quinn) and follow Chris on Twitter (@Quinn4NY). And don’t forget to vote Tuesday September 10th in the Democratic Primary!