Jobs & Economic Development

The key to economic security – paying the rent, putting kids through college and guaranteeing a secure retirement – is a good paying job. Today, too many New Yorkers are unemployed or underemployed and cannot provide for their families. Read More.


Chris knows that well-educated and well-prepared kids are the key to New York City’s future. That’s why she has focused on early childhood education, improving our middle schools, protecting teachers from lay-offs and making it easier for parents to navigate the school bureaucracy. Read more.

Public Safety

Throughout her career, Chris has worked with the NYPD to reduce crime and to make every community and neighborhood safe. At the same time, she has focused on improving police-community relations and making sure there is one system of justice for all New Yorkers. Chris knows that we can both keep crime at record lows and protect our civil liberties. Read more.


A leading voice on health and wellness issues throughout her career, Chris has fought to expand access and improve the quality of care for all New Yorkers. Read more.


As a former housing advocate, creating quality, affordable housing for all New Yorkers has always been a top priority for Chris.  She has worked hard to ensure that middle class and low-income families have a place to live and that landlords are held accountable for their actions. Read more.


Working with Mayor Bloomberg, Chris Quinn has helped to make New York one of the greenest cities in America. From fighting global warming to protecting our watershed to passing the City’s first comprehensive solid waste management law, Chris is proud to have helped lead the way on this critical issue. Read more.

Civil Rights

Chris has been an outspoken proponent of civil rights throughout her career. Driven by a passion for equality and justice, she has worked with New York’s many diverse communities to protect housing and employment rights and fight bias-related harassment. She has also worked extensively with the NYPD and community leaders to fight hate crimes, distribute information about suspects and ensure that there is one system of justice for all communities. Read more.


For Chris, a big part of being a progressive leader means reforming the way government and campaigns work: increasing transparency, changing the pay-to-play culture, reducing the power of lobbyists and special interests and increasing access of everyday New Yorkers to City Hall.  Chris knows that a good government is an open and honest government. Read more.


Chris has made efficient public transportation a focus throughout her career, and believes that no New Yorker should have to commute over an hour to work. She has worked to expand the public transportation infrastructure in New York City, by launching the highly successful East River Ferry Service, while making sure that the system remained accessible to all, including students and seniors. Chris understands the importance of an efficient and robust transportation system to New Yorkers and the city’s economy. Read more.


New York City’s aging infrastructure is due for new investment. Hurricane Sandy reminded us all just how vulnerable New York City is to the effects of climate change. Chris believes we need to invest in significant infrastructure upgrades to ensure that all of the city’s neighborhoods are able to handle future storms. Read more.