Take the "I'm With Chris" Challenge

On March 10th, Chris kicked off Walk and Talk with Chris -- a commitment to visit every community in the five boroughs, listening to New Yorkers talk about how City Hall can work better for them.

To keep our momentum going, I’m proud to announce the “I’m with Chris” challenge.

Share Chris’s announcement video with at least 5 people and ask them to join Team Quinn.  With your help, I’m confident we can get a thousand new supporters by Monday night.

Together, we can spread the word about Chris’s plans to keep New York City a place for the middle class to live and grow, and a place that’s going to help hardworking people get into the middle class.

Forward the link via email or share it on Facebook and Twitter --- you can use the hashtag #Quinn4NY.

Help us get a thousand new supporters by Monday night.   


Matt Tepper
Campaign Manager, Quinn for New York