‘Forward Together: A Record of Results. A Plan for New York’ Available for Download on Quinn IDEAS App

As part of an effort to make her policy agenda available for all New Yorkers, the Quinn campaign released a comprehensive policy book today that follows on the heels of the Quinn IDEAS app launched in early May. “Forward Together: A Record of Results. A Plan for New York City” spells out the Speaker’s plans for everything from healthcare to transportation. The book, which supplements the IDEAS App released for smart phone users, is an expansive resource for the proposals and ideas that the Speaker has laid out in the course of the campaign. The book will be regularly updated as Quinn rolls out more of her agenda throughout the campaign.

“This race is about who has a vision for middle class New Yorkers and those aspiring to enter it, and a record of accomplishment to back it up,” said Christine Quinn. “A lot of candidates talk about what they’d like to get done, but few have an actual record of accomplishment. Whether its on your smartphone, laptop, or coffee table, we want to make sure all New Yorkers have access to my plan for the City.”

To download a copy visit: http://www.quinnfornewyork.com/forwardtogether

As part of the policy book, Speaker Quinn unveiled several new health policy proposals, including proposals to reduce dependency on emergency room care and new cost-effective ways of addressing chronic illness. Specifically, the proposals will:

Increase access to care and reduce the burden on emergency rooms with a new Primary Care Financing Program

Under Speaker Quinn’s proposal, the program would use city funds to leverage private investment in the city’s primary care infrastructure. The city would begin with an initial investment of $10 million, which would be leveraged into a $50 million pool that could help increase primary care capacity for approximately 100,000 patients, leading to an additional 300,000 primary care visits a year.

Reduce the cost of coverage by expanding the successful employer-based health care model

As Speaker, Quinn partnered with the Freelancers Union to create a new one-stop health clinic for members, based on the successful network of employer-based clinics pioneered by the Hotel Trades Council. This innovative model of healthcare ensures that New Yorkers have access to primary care provided in a patient-centered, coordinated care model while providing real cost savings for both the patient and the health care system. As Mayor, Speaker Quinn will work with other public and private employers to expand this model to more workers citywide.

Launch a pilot program eliminating co-pays for prescription drugs that treat chronic disease

By working with insurance companies, Speaker Quinn presented a plan that will reduce ER visits, hospitalizations and costly interventions of following delayed treatment of chronic illnesses, which are placing an ever-growing burden on the health system. The pilot program presented by Speaker Quinn would eliminate co-pays for prescription drugs for specific illnesses such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension

Combat teen pregnancy, reduce youth STI rates, and prevent intimate partner violence with comprehensive health education

As Mayor, Christine Quinn will ensure that the Department of Education’s current comprehensive health education program is applied to students in all public schools. She’ll make sure every school has teachers with the required and necessary training to provide comprehensive health education, and make health ed a factor in school report cards in improve accountability. Speaker Quinn will make the city a national leader in reducing sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies, while promoting healthy relationships.

Turn New York City Into a Beta Testing Lab for New Health Data Applications

As patient medical records become digitized, there are enormous opportunities for new data technologies that both support public health efforts and lead to job creation in the health tech industry. Members of the tech community can use health data to design new applications that perform any number of functions, like enabling real time communication between patients and health care providers, providing instant notifications about test results or allowing doctors to set and monitor a patient’s medication schedule. Speaker Quinn’s proposed Mayor’s Office of Innovation will work to encourage the creation of new technologies and will partner with local hospitals and healthcare providers to beta test new data applications.

Launch “WrapAround NYC”, a single coordinated program to deliver comprehensive services to at-risk youth

Speaker Quinn proposed WrapAround NYC, a new targeted program to get high-risk young people the comprehensive services they need to get back on track and avoid incarceration. Through this program, city agencies and community organizations will work together to provide comprehensive health treatment, including alcohol and substance abuse treatment and counseling. Wraparound service models have been shown to improve health outcomes and school attendance, while reducing rates of incarceration, giving high-risk youth the opportunity get back on a path to success – all while lowering government costs and improving public health and safety.

“Forward Together” can be accessed on the Quinn IDEAS app, which is available for download at both iTunes and Google Play stores. “Forward Together” can also be downloaded at http://www.quinnfornewyork.com/forwardtogether  “Forward Together” will be updated regularly as the campaign continues to release more policy proposals.