There’s an App for That: Quinn Unveils IDEAS App to Highlight Policy Proposals and Plans for New York

In an effort to bring her policy proposals and ideas for New Yorkers to the palm of their hands, Christine Quinn unveiled the IDEAS App today, an interactive smartphone application that is available for download. The tool will serve as a resource for New Yorkers and provide simple, direct access to proposals and will allow New Yorkers to submit ideas of their own to the candidate. In addition, the app will enable users to access media updates including news items, video and social media feeds. 

The app features numerous policy proposals and ideas that Speaker Quinn has outlined in the areas of transit, public safety, housing, job creation, education and infrastructure. The IDEAS app also lays out Quinn’s extensive record of accomplishments and achievements on behalf of New Yorkers.  

“The IDEAS App will bring our policy ideas to the palm of New Yorker's hands and lay out how as mayor, I intend to fight for New York's middle class and those striving to be a part of it" said Christine Quinn, candidate for mayor. "Throughout my years as Speaker, I have worked to turn creative ideas into real results for New Yorkers. Whether finding ways to support small businesses or strengthen the city’s affordable housing stock or help parents provide the care and education their children need, I have seen how the simplest idea can turn into life-changing policy. I’m thrilled to have this new tool as a way to reach even more people. Together, we will work to make even more great ideas a reality.”

The IDEAS app, provides users with access to the policies and proposals that Speaker Quinn has laid out and will champion as mayor, provides users with the ability to directly submit their own ideas to the campaign, showcases Quinn’s legislative accomplishments, and provides video, photo, and Twitter feeds of the candidates policy work and campaign events. The app will also provide push notifications when new policy are unveiled.  

In addition to providing access to the policy proposals Quinn has championed as Speaker and plans to pursue as mayor, there were several new initiatives that were unveiled with the app. Specifically:

Installing Metrocard kiosks above ground at major bus stops and along select bus service routes

Buses are one of the most effective ways of expanding transit options for New Yorkers quickly and affordably. However, Metrocard kiosks are almost exclusively located in subway stations, leaving riders needing to go underground to the station to buy their cards. This can be a major obstacle for New Yorkers with disabilities, seniors, and anyone who doesn’t live or work near a subway stops.  Quinn proposed installing Metrocard kiosks above ground along Select Bus Service routes and at other major bus stops around the city, providing easier and more accessible options for purchasing Metrocards.

Installing countdown clocks outside of subway stations

Over the last few years the MTA has been installing countdown clocks along several subway lines so riders can see in real time when the next train is coming. But at most of these stations, in order to view the clocks, riders have to use their metrocard and walk down the platform.  Quinn committed to working with the MTA to install additional clocks at the entrances to stations, making it easier for New Yorkers to plan their trip.

Working with industry leaders to adapt gunshot sensing technology for use in NYC

When gunshots are fired in New York City, the NYPD is often forced to depend on witness accounts for information. Several companies have developed sensors that can be installed in areas prone to gun violence, detect when shots are fired, and provide information on specific location and even what type of gun was used. Quinn stated that, together with both the NYPD and industry leaders, she would work to develop versions that can be effectively used in New York City.  

Getting more international businesses and entrepreneurs investing and creating jobs in NYC

Many international businesses and growing startups are interested in locating offices in New York City, but navigating an unfamiliar environment can be daunting. Quinn stated she will create a team of economic development staff that will focus on providing services to interested businesses, like helping their employees apply for temporary visas to visit New York, or connecting them with available space in the five boroughs. They’ll also spend time on the ground in major international cities and emerging markets, working to attract business investment, and bringing thousands of new jobs to the five boroughs. This will build on and better focus work being done by the Office of International Affairs and others.

The IDEAS app is immediately available for smartphones in HTML5 format and will be available on both the iOS and Android platforms in the next several days. To download immediately, users can go to