Bronx State Senator Gustavo Rivera Endorses Christine Quinn for Mayor

State Senator Gustavo Rivera (D-33rd District) today announced his endorsement of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for Mayor of New York.

Rivera, who represents the Northwest Bronx, including Kingsbridge Heights, East Tremont, Crotona Park, Fordham, Belmont, Van Nest, Claremont, High Bridge and Morris Park, touted Speaker Quinn’s record of results for underserved and middle class New Yorkers:

 “Speaker Quinn, throughout her career, has consistently fought for New Yorkers from all walks of life – particularly working class and low-income families,” said Senator Rivera. “She has made it her mission to expand access to quality education, child care and after-school services, as well as to expand and prioritize affordable housing projects.  Simply put, Speaker Quinn has delivered on those issues most critical to my constituents and my community.”

Gustavo Rivera was elected to the New York State Senate in 2010 after an upset victory over incumbent Pedro Espada.  A champion of government reform, he earned the backing of good government groups, progressive elected officials and prominent labor unions, including the Working Families Party, 1199SEIU, SEIU 32BJ and the United Federation of Teachers.

“New Yorkers must demand leadership and integrity from those elected to serve, and Speaker Quinn possesses these qualities in droves,” said Senator Rivera. “I am extremely proud to support her historic candidacy.”

“Gustavo Rivera continues to be a breath of fresh air for the people of the Bronx and his colleagues in Albany,” said Speaker Quinn. “He is one of the strongest voices for transparency in government and is helping day-by-day to restore New Yorkers’ faith in our democracy. I am truly honored to have his support.”

Since entering the legislature, Rivera has introduced legislation to bring greater transparency and financial disclosure to New York State government. He has as distinguished himself in addressing issues of health equity, as well as promoting better nutritional and exercise habits throughout his district, leading him to become the ranking member of the Health Committee in January 2013. In addition to serving a State Senator, Rivera is an adjunct professor of politics at Pace University. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he came to New York in 1998 and has lived in the Bronx for a decade. 

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