Feminist Icon and Activist Gloria Steinem Endorses Christine Quinn for Mayor

Gloria Steinem, feminist icon and activist, announced her endorsement of Christine Quinn for Mayor today,  praising her for improving quality of life for all New Yorkers.

Steinem hailed the Speaker’s record of compromise and bridge-building on behalf of all New Yorkers:

"The Statue of Liberty need no longer be the only woman who symbolizes democracy in our great city. We have a real and practical chance of electing Christine Quinn, a strong and progressive New Yorker, as a mayor who will represent the majority,” said Steinem. “Christine Quinn’s record shows that she listens, she negotiates in good faith, she is skilled in the art of bridge building, and she has lived a life that allows her to understand the needs of most New Yorkers."

"For every victory we read about, there are other important battles Chris has waged out of the spotlight. Whether it's her work on food policy that reduced hunger in the five boroughs, or her fight against the City’s unjust policy of turning innocent immigrants over to INS, thus splitting up families; her battles behind the scenes to prevent budget cuts for everything from childcare to senior centers, or her courage in exposing phony family planning clinics that harass any woman who might choose an abortion. Christine Quinn has demonstrated her tough mind and her good heart.”

“There is no single person on the planet who has done more for women and gender equity than Gloria Steinem. She led one of the greatest movements of the last 50-plus years to ensure that women have all of the rights and protections of their male counterparts, both in the workplace and in society as a whole,” said Speaker Quinn. "I cannot underestimate how significant her support is and what it means to me as a woman."

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