Quinn unveils plan to improve conditions for city’s fast food workers

Today, on the same day that fast food workers in New York City and throughout the nation go on strike to protest low wages and poor working conditions, Christine Quinn unveiled her plan to enact a requirement that workers at fast food restaurants and other retail and food service businesses receive a fixed schedule with at least one week’s notice of a change in their hours. This proposal will help address one of the biggest challenges facing hourly workers, particularly low wage workers in industries like fast food service: they often don't know their work schedule until the day before or even the morning of a shift. Quinn noted today how this makes it almost impossible to manage family and other personal responsibilities and get to work when they need to be there. 

“A predictable and stable schedule will lead to higher morale at work as well as more productive workers,” said Quinn. “I'll fight with workers for state and federal changes, but unlike my opponents I’ll also take action locally and not just wait for Albany or Washington. This proposal is truly a win-win for workers and employers and a small step forward in the fight for workers gaining dignity on the job.”

Quinn stated how low wage workers who may be juggling multiple part time jobs are the most vulnerable and can be especially hard hit by sudden changes in work schedules. Under Quinn’s proposal, she will start with the fast food industry and work with all stakeholders to make sure the law applies fairly to those businesses that have the flexibility to provide notice of shift change. Additionally, under the proposal, workers will still have the option to trade or pick up additional shifts, but would not be required to do so by their employer.