Oscar-winning Screenwriter Of Milk Endorses Christine Quinn For Mayor, Citing Bold Leadership And Proven Effectiveness

Oscar-winning screenwriter, director and producer Dustin Lance Black today endorsed Christine Quinn for mayor, noting her tested and proven bold leadership. Black also described the powerful effect Quinn's candidacy has on any New Yorker who has faced personal challenges, discrimination and praised her commitment to ensuring homeless youth are safe and kept off the streets. 

Black stated, "Whenever you have someone who comes from a background, from a people who have been discriminated against, and you watch them do the hard work and have that steely resolve - that strength - to rise to the top and to prove herself effective, I think that's inspiration to so many other people. - Not just people from the LGBT community, not just women, but any group that has ever been discriminated against. It says you can do it too, it says there is opportunity for you to rise to the top and to one day, like Christine, be the mayor of the greatest city in the country."

Dustin Lance Black, award-winning producer, screenwriter and director, is a recognized LGBT activist. He is a founding board member of the American Foundation for Equal Rights and has served on the board of the Trevor Project, an LGBTQ youth crisis hotline. In 2009, he won an Oscar for his screenplay about civil rights activist Harvey Milk's life. 

Black's support builds on a growing number of high-profile endorsements, including actors George Takei, Neil Patrick Harris and Lena Dunham, television personality Tim Gunn, feminist icon Gloria Steinem and singer and actress Audra McDonald.

Join Dustin and pledge to vote for Chris here: www.quinnfornewyork.com/pledge