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You don’t want to miss Chris’s latest appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe! This morning Chris sat with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski to talk specifics of her plan to grow the middle class in NYC.

Chris said, “I think this race is about the future of the city, and who has a real vision to build on the progress we've made to get real progress for everyone. That means growing good middle class jobs, so folks can get into the middle class.”

Connecting her education plan to job creation, Chris discussed how creating a pipeline of CUNY graduates to the technology sector will prepare graduates for an industry with a jobs surplus.

Chris also delved into the specifics of her plan for NYC schools, including improving teacher training, increasing parental involvement, and moving away from the emphasis on standardized testing.

As the days tick down to primary day, it is extremely important we stay focused on discussing the issues at stake and the ideas that can make NYC a better place. While several of Chris’s opponents focus on petty political attacks to distract from their lacking record, Chris will continue to talk about her vision for a more affordable New York City