Edie Windsor's Next Battle!

On the heels of her groundbreaking ruling before the United States Supreme Court overturning the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, Edie Windsor today announced her next battle: electing Christine Quinn the next Mayor of New York. In the latest Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQ Results video released by the Quinn campaign, Edie Windsor speaks in her own voice on the importance of electing Quinn. She makes the case that Christine Quinn will fight on behalf of struggling New Yorkers, and calls on everyone to stand with her in supporting Quinn. The video was released from the campaign in a letter from Edie, urging all New Yorkers to sign up, and spread the word that they #standwithedie in supporting Christine Quinn.

Watch her video then sign up to #StandwithEdie and support Chris!

Watch Edie endorse Chris at the rally in support of the Supreme Court's decision to repeal DOMA 

In her video, Windsor compellingly describes Christine Quinn’s drive and compassion in her work to help all New Yorkers.

“I’m Edie Windsor and I want to tell you about another battle that's very important to me, and that's getting Christine Quinn elected the next mayor of New York. She’s open and generous and she's smart. She understands the problems of managing a big city like New York. She comes of middle class background herself and has true compassion for the struggling middle class and the struggling working class and the struggling not-working class today. And you don't find that very often,” declared Windsor. “I hope everyone listening to me will not only vote for Chris themselves but in fact will spread the word, will educate everyone they care about. She'll be great!”

Edie Windsor’s video is the fourth installment of Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQResults online testimonials highlighting the real impact that Chris Quinn's work has had on the lives of everyday New Yorkers.