Chris Trumpets Impending Veto Override Of Inspector General Bill As Proof Positive That Only One Candidate In Race Has Delivered Results On Reforming Stop & Frisk

On the eve of a vote to override the Mayor’s veto of council legislation to create an Inspector General for the NYPD, a group of interfaith leaders from throughout New York lined up with young men impacted by the program to support Quinn as the only candidate running for mayor who has actually delivered results for reforming the stop and frisk program. The legislation will create a new, independent inspector general who will investigate, audit and make recommendations relating to the NYPD’s operations, policies and practices.

“There are several candidates in this race who have talked a good game on reforming stop & frisk –some have even tried to sow confusion about people’s position on this issue –but there is only one person running for mayor who has actually passed a law that will help rein in the practice –and it ain’t one of the boys,” said Quinn.

At the press conference Quinn was joined by a number of local clergy leaders from throughout the City who threw their support behind her candidacy. 

“It is one thing to talk about a problem— but come tomorrow, Chris is going to help solve a problem,” said Bishop Mitchell Taylor, Pastor, Center of Hope International, Long Island City.  “Chris is the only candidate for Mayor who has a long record of delivering real results for our neighborhoods and for our communities. For years, Chris has been on the forefront of reforms to ensure proper monitoring and review of police misconduct. I support Chris because she’s not one who simply talks, she’s one who actually delivers.”

The Inspector General legislation tasks the Commissioner of the Department of Investigation (DOI) with reviewing, studying, auditing and making recommendations about the operations, polices and practices of the NYPD. The DOI commissioner may do so through existing staff, or through an additional staff member, who would then work in tandem with the monitor appointed pursuant to Judge Shira A. Scheindlin’s judgment in the litigation over the NYPD’s stop and frisk practices.

“Chris Quinn is the only candidate in this race who has done anything to actually reform stop and frisk,” said Rev. Edward Norman, Pastor, Salem United Methodist Church.  “Let’s be clear though, long before she was running for Mayor, Chris was already making progress, leading the fight to give prosecutorial authority to the Civilian Complaint Review Board. Chris Quinn hasn’t just talked about stop and frisk, she’s reformed stop and frisk."

At today’s event, Chris Quinn was joined by Bishop Mitchell Taylor, Pastor, Center of Hope International, Long Island City; Rev. Calvin Rice, Pastor, New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Queens; Imam Soleiman Konate, Masjid Aqsa, Harlem; Rev. Edward Norman, Pastor, Salem United Methodist Church; Rev. Vanessa Brown, Pastor, Rivers at Rehoboth Church, Manhattan; Bishop Zachary Glenn Jones, Pastor, Unity Fellowship Church, Brooklyn; Imam Tahir Kukaj, Albanian Islamic Cultural Center; Rev. George Haigler III, Trinity Morrisenea UMC, Bronx; Rev. Jonathan Rebacarren, Pastor, Fordham Lutheran Evangelical Church; and Rev. Londro B. Wilson, Second Providence Baptist Church, Harlem.

Chris Quinn has long sought reforms to address the indiscriminate use of stop and frisk by the police. In 2012, Chris negotiated an agreement between the NYPD and the Civilian Complaint Review Board to give CCRB the authority to prosecute cases of police misconduct and to increase transparency and confidence in the civilian complaint process [New York Times, 3/28/2012]. And in response to a demand Chris made for specific reforms to stop and frisk the NYPD announced it made changes to training, monitoring and supervision of police officers that would lead to significant improvements to the program [New York Times, 5/17/12]. But as Chris said at that time, much more needed to be done. That's why tomorrow she will make sure the IG bill becomes law.