Chris Announces Proposal to Assist Job-Seeking Parents with Childcare and Help Get Them on the Path to Secure Employment

Christine Quinn today announced a proposal to connect parents who use the City’s Workforce1 Centers with childcare services. In addition, Quinn will work to connect every job-seeking parent with longer-term childcare help.

Under Quinn’s proposal, the city will work with center operators to determine the best model for providing the childcare at various locations, whether on site or by connecting with local providers. By utilizing vouchers, tax credits and assisting in finding affordable local options, the city will also work to connect parents with extended childcare.

“We won’t let childcare responsibilities be an obstacle to taking that first step or getting and keeping a job,” said Quinn. “We will do all that we can to help empower parents to get the job or career that will enable them to provide for their families.”

Lack of childcare significantly impedes parents, particularly single mothers, from obtaining the jobs they need and prevents them from becoming securely employed. The percentage of U.S. single mothers employed in an average month declined from 73 percent to 66 percent from 2007 to 2011. For single mothers with younger children, employment rates are even lower: 50 percent for those with a child younger than three and 40 percent for those with a child younger than one.

Getting on a path to secure employment is key to pulling families out of poverty, particularly for single-mother families that have a significantly higher poverty rate. In 2011, the poverty rate for U.S. single-mother families was 41 percent, compared to 22 percent for single-father families and 9 percent for two-parent families.

A total of twelve general service Workforce1 Centers serve tens of thousands of New Yorkers throughout the five boroughs. In Fiscal Year 2012, 73,518 new jobseekers were registered through the Workforce1 Career Center system and 30,900 job placements were made. All twelve of the city’s general service Workforce1 Centers would be included under Quinn’s proposed program.