Chris Receives Major Latino Endorsement from Former Governor of Puerto Rico, Sila María Calderón

Christine Quinn received the endorsement of the former Governor of Puerto Rico, Sila María Calderón, in her run for Mayor of New York. In her endorsement of Quinn, Calderón hailed Quinn’s unmatched record of delivering results for New Yorkers and her commitment to bringing more New Yorkers into the middle class and supporting those New Yorkers who continue to struggle. Specifically, Governor Calderón cited Quinn’s record of creating jobs, strengthening early education and supporting the needs of homeless New Yorkers. 

“There’s only one candidate who has what it takes to be New York’s next mayor and has the record to prove it, and that’s Chris Quinn,” declared Governor Calderón, “I know what it takes to get things done in a big city. You need a fighter, someone with experience, a good plan and a strong will to advocate for real people. The next mayor needs to be someone who has a record of delivering results for the city, a vision that will continue to bring the city forward, and the will and the guts to fight for New Yorkers and make that vision a reality. Christine Quinn is the only candidate who has and will continue to deliver for New Yorkers – that’s why she is my pick for mayor.”

Quinn expressed her gratitude for the endorsement in stating, “I am incredibly honored to have Governor Calderón’s endorsement. A trailblazer in her own right, Governor Calderón has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to public service; whether as Mayor of San Juan, Governor of Puerto Rico or as Chair of her philanthropic foundation, she has never stopped working to improve the lives of Puerto Rico’s nearly four million residents. I’m so very proud to stand with such a powerful and proven leader and look forward to working together once I’m mayor to continue to help bring more New Yorkers into the middle class and continue to move the city forward.”

Former Governor Calderón is the latest in a string of endorsements from high profile Latino elected officials and unions with large Latino memberships. Before the official endorsement press conference, Calderón campaigned throughout the day with Quinn, State Senator Gustavo Rivera, Assembly Member Carmen Arroyo and Council Member María del Carmen Arroyo.

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