Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQResults: Breezy Point

The Quinn campaign released the latest in its series of ‘Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQ Results’ online testimonial videos, featuring Breezy Point civic leaders, Denise Neibel and Arthur Lighthall, speaking of the work and support the community received from Christine Quinn in the lead up and aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In the video, Neibel and Lighthall tell the story of how Breezy Point received assistance from Quinn and her staff in their efforts to cleanup, rebuild, and better protect the community from disasters. 

Breezy Point, a middle class community in Queens, was significantly damaged by Hurricane Sandy, turning lives upside down. But Christine Quinn never lost faith and dedicated herself to rebuilding Breezy Point, so that families could return and their lives and community could come back strong.

“Christine’s involvement began even before the storm," Arthur Lighthall says. “Christine sat in this very room with us as we opened up our emergency response and command centers. We were able to reach out to Christine at any given time or someone on her staff almost 24/7. We were able to reach out to Chris, ask her a question, get the information, get some response, get some help. She actually was hands-on, on the street, meeting with people, asking what she can do to help you. She showed her compassion. Christine showed her devotion. I saw first hand her concern.”

The video testimonial is the latest in a series of online videos that feature New Yorkers, in their own words, explaining how Christine Quinn got results for them. Last week, the campaign released a video featuring the parents of Manny Lanza, who worked with Quinn, after the death of their son to change insurance laws in New York. The ‘Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQResults’ campaign will continue to highlight the fact that Quinn doesn’t just talk about getting things done, she actually gets things done for real New Yorkers.