Award Winning Actress and Singer Audra McDonald Endorses Quinn for Mayor

Audra McDonald, New Yorker and five-time Tony Award and two-time Grammy Award winning actress and singer announced her support for Christine Quinn to be the next mayor of New York City in an online video released today. Citing Quinn’s record of fighting for all New Yorkers and her place as the only candidate who will have women’s best interests at heart. In the video, McDonald discusses the first time she saw Quinn speak at a 2008 marriage equality rally and was immediately “blown away.”

Upon endorsing Quinn, McDonald stated, “As a woman, I don’t see how you could possibly vote for anyone else in this election but Christine Quinn. She is someone who fights for women’s issues because – because she is a woman, she understands them. She fights for civil rights issues - because she understands them and understands their importance. She fights for low-income families, she fights for middle class families.”

McDonald continued, “Chris will also listen to a good idea no matter where it comes from. Chris is not someone to say well you’re on that side of the aisle so I don’t want to listen to your idea. If it’s a good idea and if it’s something that’s really going to change and bring the community together, she’ll listen to it. There is no other candidate out there that is going to have any women’s, any women in this city’s best interest at heart more than Christine Quinn.”

McDonald is best known for appearing on stage in both musicals and dramas, such as A Raisin in the Sun, Porgy and Bess and Ragtime and played the role of Dr. Naomi Bennett on ABC’s Private Practice. Throughout her remarkable career, she has won five Tony Awards and two Grammy Awards. In addition to her professional obligations, Audra McDonald is an ardent proponent of marriage equality. She sits on the advisory board of the advocacy organization Broadway Impact and has been featured in campaigns for Freedom to Marry, NOH8, and PFLAG NYC. In 2012, she and her now husband, actor Will Swenson, received PFLAG National’s Straight for Equality Award.

“I am honored to be supported by such an accomplished and driven New Yorker as Audra McDonald,” stated Quinn. “Audra is am an excellent model for young women in this city and throughout the country and as Mayor, I will continue to fight for her and all New Yorkers to ensure that our city remains the greatest in the world and a place where dreams are made.”