Download the IDEAS App

The IDEAS App brings Chris Quinn's policy ideas to the palm of your hands and lays out how as mayor, Quinn will fight for New York's middle class and those struggling to get there.  The App features numerous ideas that Speaker Quinn has talked about in the areas of transit, public safety, housing, job creation, education and infrastructure. 

You can submit your own ideas to the campaign, read about Chris's extensive record of accomplishments on behalf of New Yorkers, and check out video, photo, and Twitter feeds of Chris's policy work and campaign events.

Follow the directions below to download the IDEAS App on your smartphone today! Call us if you have any questions: 917-438-7063.


iPhone Users: 

Open up the iTunes App Store 

Search for "Quinn for New York"

Select Ideas App and Click Install 


Visit the URL:

Android Users: 

Open up the "Google Play" Application 

Search for "Quinn for New York Ideas App"

Click Install 


Visit the URL ""


Other Smartphone Users:

Open up your Browser

Visit the URL