Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQResults: Fighting to Keep NYC Affordable

Today, the Quinn campaign released the latest in its series of ‘Real People, Real Voices, Real #CQResults,’ online video testimonials highlighting how Christine Quinn delivers real tangible gains for New Yorkers. This latest video features Warren Schreiber, the President of the Bay Terrace Co-op Board in Northeast Queens, who discusses how Quinn’s leadership and efforts in the City Council prevented massive property tax increases for co-ops that would have adversely affected many middle class property owners in Queens.

In the video, Warren Schreiber explains that when the City’s Department of Finance announced a 2011 plan, which would have resulted in substantial property tax increases for co-op owners, Speaker Quinn “took the bull by the horns”, held Council hearings and eventually secured an agreement with the Administration to roll back the majority of the increases, thereby keeping thousands of co-ops affordable for New York City seniors, young families and those on fixed income. Schreiber states how his board began a campaign to fight against the increases, but the real turning point was when Speaker Quinn got involved, again illustrating her commitment to the middle class.

“This [agreement] would not have happened if it weren’t for the intervention of Chris Quinn,” Warren Schreiber, President of the Bay Terrace Co-op Board, stated in the video. “It proved to me that she really cared about the middle class. She understood the importance of having a middle class in New York City. She’s compassionate - at times she can be tough and that’s a good thing because when you’re Mayor of the City of New York speaker there are times when you have to be tough. Christine Quinn showed me that not only does she know how to get things done, she is capable of getting things done.”

This video is the fifth installment of ‘Real New Yorkers, Real Words, Real #CQResults,' highlighting the real impact that Chris Quinn's work has had on the lives of everyday New Yorkers.